83 Mdlalose Street, Nquthu
Mon - Fri : 08:00 A.M - 16:00 P.M
(034) 271 6100 / (034) 271 6132

01. Decentralization of library services into the wards of Nquthu through mobile libraries and modular libraries.

02. Provision of scanning, photocopying and printing services.

03. Free basic computer training.

04. Free computer and internet access.

05. Provision of study, leisure or projects material.

06. Circulation of books, CDs and DVDs to library members.

08. Conduct library promotions through orientation and out-reach programmes

09. Provision of study and group discussion area.

10. Mini library for the blind

11. Career guidance to learners.

12. Assignment/research support to learners.

01. Traffic Management – enforcement of traffic legislation and municipal by –laws in Nquthu.

02. Drivers License unit- eye test, learner’s application, driver’s license renewals, professional driving permits etc.

03. Awareness’s Campaigns (road safety).

04. Multidisciplinary roadblocks with other enforcement agencies.

05. Attending mva’s (accidents).

06. Promotion and conducting of AARTO to motorists as well as to judicial system.

07. Conducting of speed timing now and then with an intent to reduce fatalities and wreckages.

08. Conducting drink and driving (alcohol) operations.

09. Escorting animal pound master from town and CBD.

10. Working hand in hand with pound master to reduce accidents cause by animals.

01. Disaster awareness and mitigation campaigns

02. Disaster incident response

03. Scuba diving (search and rescue) Fire fighting

Special Programmes Unit


01. Advocating for the vulnerable groups i.e. gender, children, senior citizens and people with disabilities.

02. Advising the municipality on addressing issues of the vulnerable groups e.g. development of policies, strategic documents.

03. Co-ordinating and implementing all municipal programs relating to the vulnerable groups.

04. Mainstreaming issues of the vulnerable groups into all municipal processes and programmes.

05. Ensuring compliance on all prescribed legislation.


Programmes developed to address social development for identified target groups

01. Awareness Campaign on teenage pregnancy, drug and alcohol abuse.

02. Sport programmes for elderly.

03. Gender mainstreaming.

04. Support groups for PLWH.

05. Awareness Campaign on HIV/AIDS, disability and albinism.

06. Women’s Month Celebration.

07. 16 Days of Activism and No Violence against Women and Children.

08. Sport for Disabled.

09. Widowhood rights.

10. Salga Games.

11. Mayoral Cup

11. Respect and Recognition for Senior Citizens.



01. To accelerate a municipal response towards issues of the vulnerable groups.

02. To mainstream issues of the vulnerable groups into all municipal processes and programmes.



01. Education and training.

02. Economic Participation.

03. Welfare and community development.

04. Health and promotion

05. Coordinating with municipal wards.


Target groups under the Special Unit

01. Women.

02. Men.

03. Senior Citizens.

04. Disabled.

05. Sport.

06. Widowers.




01. Accountability.

02. Dignity.

03. Participation.

04. Empowerment.

05. Equity.

06. Human rights.

07. Partnership.

08. Relevance.

09. Transformation.



01. Men’s Forum.

02. Disability Forum.

03. Senior Citizens Forum.

04. Support Group.

05. Women’s Forum.