83 Mdlalose Street, Nquthu
Mon - Fri : 08:00 A.M - 16:00 P.M
(034) 271 6100 / (034) 271 6132

01. Waste collection, removal and disposal.

02. Community waste management awareness campaigns and educational programmes.

03. Maintenance of landfill site.

04. Placement of communal skips at various strategic points in various peri-urban and emptying thereof.

05. Provision and management of wheelie bins.

06. Run recycling projects for environmental awareness & promotion of waste minimisation.

08. Greening of open spaces.

09. Street cleaning & litter picking.

10. Management of illegal dumping.

11. Environmental Education & sustainable living practice programmes for schools

01. Installation and maintenance of storm water infrastructure.

02. Maintaining municipal road infrastructure (closing potholes, fixing pavements, gravel road blading, etc.).

03. Coordinate duties and all engineering activities inside Nquthu Municipal Boundaries.

04. Maintenance of all streets in town, upgrading of gravel roads in township and perform emergency

repair services as necessary i.e. sign repairs and cross walk painting.

05. Perform daily inspection, safety and supervise personnel to ensure performance and quality of the work to municipal service standard.

06. Perform any task related to road maintenance as instructed by Technician/ Technical.

07. Storm water management and water runoff control.

08. Control to storm water drainage, repair damage from major flood and manner of

09. Cleaning of inspection chambers by removing erosion, gravel and any cause of blockage and maintain collection system, piped and open municipal drains.

01. Monitoring and maintenance of public ablutions.

02. Clean these public conveniences during opening hours on daily basis.

03. Ensuring that we open daily between specified time.

01. Administer or control the utilization by the public.

02. Perform cleaning/maintenance work.

03. Co-ordinates routine maintenance of Municipal within Nquthu town and surrounding areas.

04. Carry out routine maintenance of plant, tools and equipment assigned to employees control

05. Quality control and completion of the work by employees.

06. Operational decision making with relate to employees own safety and safety of other employees and the public.

07. Grass cutting, weeds, unwanted plant species and application of chemical and

herbicide treatments as well as watering of parks and gardens.

08. Minor tree pruning and other activities associated with clearing and

maintenance of street verge vegetation and also collection of street rubbish.

09. Operate other duties as directed or required by Engineering Technician/Technical director.