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Mon - Fri : 08:00 A.M - 16:00 P.M
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1. Termination of tenancies of municipal property;

2. Signing of all affidavits; declarations and agreements between the Municipality and other organizations;

3. Approval of acting allowances for heading of Departments in terms of Conditions of Service;

4. Authorize Heads of Departments and officials to attend to municipal affairs inside and outside municipal boundaries;

5. Inform or make statements to media in consultation with the Mayor;

6. Appoint a Disciplinary Committee/tribunal for employees;

7. Take action in accordance with the Code of Conduct for staff;

8. Consistently accept or decline shorter period for termination service tendered by municipal employees

9. Second staff to other departments in consultation with relevant

10. Heads of Departments;

11. Sign documents related to expropriation effected for or on behalf of Nquthu Municipality

12. Institute legal proceedings on behalf of the Municipality;

13. Approval or cancellation of special leave;

14. Defend any court action taken against the Municipality

15. Take the necessary actions in consultation with the Mayor and

16. EXCO in case of a crisis in respect of those matters not delegated to him when Council is in recess;

17. Make appointments to comply with the Occupational Health&

18. Safety Act and any other relevant Act of Parliament;

19. Appoint all permanent and temporary staff in terms of the relevant policy;

20. Authorise acting appointments as from the level of employees appointed by him/her

21. Execute all functions and powers statutorily assigned to the Municipal Manager;

22. To sign any documents which are necessary to give effect to any resolutions of the Council or

resolution by any committee of the council acting in terms of a delegated power or any other functionary of the council acting in terms of a delegated power;

23. To obtain legal opinion to defend or to take any necessary steps to defend action,

claim or proceedings instituted against the Municipality and to take all actions necessary in connection therewith;

24. To obtain services of an attorney or advocate for any official purpose;

25. To approve leave applications tendered by Heads of Departments;

26. To approve the payment of travelling and subsistence claims in respect of councillors and officials;

27. To decide on the payment of budgeted reward to a person other than an employee who

willingly reported an incident that resulted in the conviction of an accused person by a court for an offence relating to damages to or theft of Municipal property;

28. Provided that necessary funds are available, to approve the attendance by officials

of meetings, workshops, seminars, conferences, congresses and similar events and visits

which are in the interest of the municipality and which are to be conducted within the National Territory;

29. To decide on the use of coat of arms, flag and banner of the municipality for commemorative and other purposes;

30. To decide whether food or refreshments must be supplied to persons assisting during disaster and to approve such expenditure;

31. To decline any applications for donations, which obviously cannot be considered in terms of a municipal policy and approved budget;

32. To grant special leave to employees who are sportsmen and women, coaches and referees/umpires,

for the purpose of participation in sports events and tournaments at provincial and national level;

33. The approval of ex-gratia payments to employees for participation in sports at national level;

34. The granting of permission for the free use of municipal premises for departmental

functions tumbling bitcoins and other municipal-oriented activities/events;

35. To appoint and dismiss employees, with the exception of Directors reporting directly to him/her, subject to applicable legislation;

36. To drive the IDP process under the leadership of the Mayor;

37. To implement the PMS of the municipality and

38. Lease of Municipal Properties for a period from 12 months and not exceeding 10 years’ subject to renewal procedure

39. In consultation with the Head of Department concerned: –

40. to appoint and discharge employees, with the exception of Heads of Department,

in compliance with the relevant legislation and with right to grant further delegations to the Director Corporate Services;

41. To transfer and promote officials from one department to another, excluding Heads of Department,

in terms of the municipality’s recruitment and transfer policy;