83 Mdlalose Street, Nquthu
Mon - Fri : 08:00 A.M - 16:00 P.M
(034) 271 6100 / (034) 271 6132

01. Develop and maintain strategic networks of government departments, nationally, provincially and locally.

02. Manages specific key performance areas around the functioning of the Mayor.

03. Manages all correspondence directed to the mayor.

04. Organise Mayor’s functions.

05. Manage personnel in the office of the Mayor.

06. Manage budget of the office of the Mayor.

07. Immediate advice to the executive Mayor on legislation and related matters.

08. Write speeches and accompany the Mayor on official meetings.

09. Manage and co-ordinate public appearance of the Mayor.

10. Accompany the Mayor on official visits locally and abroad on special request.

01. Media and community liaison.

02. Complaints management and promotion of Batho Pele principles.

03. Intergovernmental relations. Event management.

04. The custodian of The Brand Nquthu Local Municipality.

This unit has a sole role to promote, protect and develop The Brand through different creative programmes and awareness activations.

The IDP/PMS unit is located in the office of the Municipal Manager and is responsible for the municipality’s integrated development planning and performance management.

This unit is staffed by two personnel comprising the IDP/PMS Manager who reports to the Manager in the Office of the Municipal Manager and the IDP/PMS Officer reporting to the IDP/PMS Manager.

01. Give effect to Integrated Development Planning processes prescribed by

the Municipal Systems Act by developing and implementing the IDP Process Plan.

02. Ensure the participation of the public in the planning processes of the municipality.

03. Compile the municipality’s Integrated Development Plan.

01. Compile the municipal Annual Performance Report and Annual Report.

02. Compile the municipality’s Service Delivery and Budget Implementation Plan

03. Ensure effective performance management by producing performance reports and coordinating performance assessments

01. Youth development (educational, skills development, economic and Social aspect).

02. Early Childhood Development.

03. Advocacy and coordination of youth development programmes provided by government and other stakeholders.

04. Operation Sukuma Sakhe coordination.

01. Stimulate risk awareness.

02. Risk assessment.

03. Risk mitigation.

01. Three year rolling strategic and operational plans that are aligned to strategic objectives of the organisation.

02. Covers the strategic risk areas facing the organisation.

03. Is risk based – addresses the key risks areas/concerns of management.

04. Is prepared in consultation with management, the audit committee and external auditors.

05. Matches assurance needs with available resources.

06. Trusted advisor to management.

07. Promoting the sustenance of an effective internal audit function.

08. Promoting accountability.

09. Performing consulting activities in accordance to client needs.

10. Assisting management with the enhancement of the overall governance, risk and internal control environments.

11. Maintenance of a Quality Assurance and Improvement Programme that covers all aspects of the internal audit activity.

12. The programme includes an evaluation of the IAA’s conformance with

the definition of Internal Auditing and the Standards and an evaluation of whether the internal auditors apply the Code of Ethics.

13. The programme also assesses the efficiency and effectiveness of the internal audit activity and identifies opportunities for improvement.